Premium Timber Gable Ends & Fixed Frames

Our gable end frames and fixed glazed frames are made using quality timbers in a variety of timber species, including Accoya, Oak, Sapele and many more. We can manufacture from architectural designs and drawings or templates if possible. Our turnarounds are as little as 4 weeks which makes us a great choice for your timber project.

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Why Use Our Timber Products

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Timber Gable Ends & Fixed Screens

  • Quality timber used throughout our products
  • Any design possible
  • Available as glazed or unglazed


Oak Gable End Frame
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Our Standard Finishes

Each system is pre finished leaving little to do on site after installation.

The paint systems we use are carefully selected to increase the lifespan of our products and make maintenance easier.

Painted Systems

Each system undergoes the following process to ensure a perfect finish that will last.

  • 3* Wood Preserver (All timbers are preservered to reduce the risk or blue funghi and insect attack)
  • Knotting Solution (All knots and resinous timbers are treated to prevent bleed through)
  • End Grain Sealer (All end grain sections and weak spots are sealed to reduce moisture intake in these areas)
  • Primer (all timbers are primed to aid paint adhesion and prevent tannin bleed from certain oily timbers)
  • Undercoat (Flexible oil based undercoat by Johnstones is applied)
  • Top Coat (Flexible top coats by Johnstones are applied, available in Satin, Gloss and Eggshell.

All our products are hand painted to ensure a finish which not only looks traditional but can be reapplied time and time again as required. We do not spray any of our products as we find that spray finishes give a plastic look and detract from the natural timber look.

Varnished & Stained Systems

Each system undergoes the following coating process

  • 3* Wood Preserver (All timbers are preservered to reduce the risk or blue funghi and insect attack)
  • End Grain Sealer. (End grains are coated to reduce moisture intake)
  • Base Coat (A base coat is applied if required, based on timber and coating used)
  • Top Coat (2 coats are applied to provide the neccessary weathering)

Most varnishes and stains will require recoating after the first year of weathering. This is perfectly normal and usually requires a quick coat on the outside of the system only.



Take A Look At The Specifications

Technical Details

We use the same sections as our window and door frames so you will get a consistent look throughout your project.

Choice of opening sashes within the frames

Integral Blind IGU’s can be installed easily.


Colour Options

Our products are hand painted and can be coated in a colour or finish of choice.

As standard we use the Johnstones Flexible paint system for opaque systems  and Osmo UV Protection Oil for stained/varnished systems. This is purely due to our experience as it provides the neccessary protection from weathering. However if you need us to match existing joinery you have then we are happy to use a paint system of your choice.

Sill Options

Our timber sills are bespoke made and can have a projection to suit your requirements. Typical projections are 60mm to 90mm.

We can create a stepped/rebated sill to sit over wall cladding to produce a highly weathered frame if needed

Addons and Trickle Vents

We offer trickle vents on all our products. These are usually situated in the head section of the frame and require an internal vent and external canopy. 

Bi Folding Window
Bi Folding Window

Glazed and Unglazed Options

Glazed Systems

The glass we supply can be specified to any configuration. Our standard frames allow for glass units up to 40mm thick which is perfect for triple glazing situations. Center payne U values as low as 0.5 can be achieved using the Pilkington EnergiKare Triple with Krypton gas.

As U values are a huge factor in specifying glass options, we are happy to offer any Pilkington glass range from ‘Low e’ K glass to Optitherm to meet the center payne U value you require for your project.

All our glass is safety toughened as standard but we also offer laminated units for added security. These are typically a 6.4mm laminated outer payne with a 4mm toughened inner payne to help keep intruders out.

Unglazed Systems

ALL our bifolds are prepared for a glass thickness 22mm overall as standard. If you are purchasing integral blinds elsewhere to install into our bifolds then please state this when ordering or let us order them for you.

If you are sourcing your own glass then please ensure the glazing meets the required Building Regulations. 

Doors must be toughened or laminated safety glass.


Gable End Delivery Information and Lead Times

Once you place an order we will confirm a production slot and delivery time frame. All our Gable Ends and Fixed Frames are assembled ready to install and only require glazing onsite.
Bi Folding Superstore pride ourselves on having a fully transparent ordering routine and this means a smooth process throughout.

Lead times are approx 4 weeks but can be 8 -10 weeks during busy periods and for special orders

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